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Supporting different faces to thrive in different spaces


Our values

Representation is key

If you see it, you can be it – This phrase is key to the development of those from ethnically diverse backgrounds or lower social economic groups. They need to see and hear from those who have the same lived experiences as them to understand it is possible. 

Authenticity matters

Bring your you – Understand the value you can bring to a workplace by harnessing your authentic self.  This makes you a unique commodity that can drive change and diverse thought. Business cannot transform if we continue to have the same people in the room thinking the same way. 

Youth development

To create long last social change in the employee market, access must happen far earlier in a person’s development. The reality is that for many from marginalised communities, by the time they can take up more mainstream opportunities they have already been pushed out of the system.

Positive narrative

Education is the key to changing the narrative and outcome for people from marginalised backgrounds.

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Hi, I’m Gerry!

My lived experience has taught me that longevity in this industry is never straightforward.  Nor is it the same for everyone. But, with the right inspiration and practical support all young people can create their authentic route to success.

20+ years media experience working for media institutions such as BBC, DCM and Global Media.

10+ years of mentoring/coaching experience. Working with the Prince's Trust, Inspiring Futures and various educational programme to deliver careers talks within primary and secondary schools. 

Trained CIPD Learning & Development facilitator and coach. An understanding that social learning is continuous has seen me work with various committees to deliver strategic growth.


The challenge

Only 11.4% of jobs in the creative industry are filled by people of colour.

Source: The Other Box

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Be part of the inspiration

Our Level Up workshops by POC within the creative industry run every month, designed to upskill in media knowledge, whilst focusing on driving self-awareness and self-improvement. The experience is intended to empower and inspire young talent to consider the opportunities the creative industry can offer.

How to

get involved

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